Welcome to the ABC’s of UVA!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a first-year at Mr. Jefferson’s University (the lanyard was a dead giveaway. No, you’re not fooling anyone). The posts on this site are written by three fourth-year students during our last semester at UVA. Yes, this is a class project. But more than that, it’s our chance to share experiences and give advice about how to navigate the various hurdles that you will face throughout your time here. From picking your classes to how you survive beach week, we want to compile four years worth of institutional knowledge from a variety of perspectives for your benefit. I know I know – each person makes their own way through the University, we’re all unique, blah blah blah. I’m telling you (because I care) there are hallmark experiences that just about every student goes through. There are basics you should be aware of. That’s where ABC’s comes in.

While these posts are going up over the course of Spring 2014, we will keep our identities private. Partly to let us be more real. But also because it makes us feel mysterious. At the end of the semester will be the ~***~BiG RevEaL~*~*~ about what we have been involved in around grounds, so you can stereotype us accordingly and take certain commentary with a grain of salt. We don’t mind. We probably will never meet you. But we will be honest in our posts and hope you learn a little something along the way.

Picture from University of Virginia official Facebook page

Picture from University of Virginia official Facebook page


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