G is for Gyms

Looking for an outlet to relieve stress? Fear not! One of many perks of being a UVa student is a FREE gym membership to our four main workout facilities.

As you may need to find the right gym for you we’ve constructed brief profiles for you to get a feel for each.



Name: Aquatic and Fitness Center (AFC)

Location: Across from O-hill Dining Hall on Alderman Road

Known as: Being the most state of the art, biggest, and most popular gym.

Who you will likely find there: Sorority girls using the elliptical in tanks, Zumba enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys watching the swim team practice.

Pros: Any and all equipment you could hope for, strong wi-fi connection, and will likely run into someone you known.

Cons: You might go blind for all the neon.


Name: Memorial Gym (Mem Gym)

Location: Across from Alumni Hall on Emmett Road

Known for: Surfacing your worst memories from high school gym.

Who you will find there: Dudes lifting weights.

Pros: Not sure as of late but used to have the best magazines to flip through and you get a sense of feeling more hardcore when you work out there. Kind of has a Fight Club vibe. First rule of Mem Gym – don’t talk about Mem Gym.

Cons: Lots of sweat.


Name: North Grounds

Location: ¿¿Somewhere in North Grounds??

Known as: That gym that no one goes to.

Who you will find there: Maybe grad students? Maybe Faulkner and Copley residents?

Pros: Not likely to run into someone you know, and apparently has some sweet renovations and additions!

Cons: So.far.away


Name: Slaughter

Location: Up McCormick Road across from Watson-Webb and Balz-Dobie dorms

Known for: Having the worst name possible for a gym. It sounds like a death wish.

Who you will find there: People who live in New Dorms and are too lazy to walk to the AFC, old men, squash enthusiasts. 

Pros: Racquetball courts.

Cons: Similar to The Hunger Games, you feel like you’re always being watched. It’s the glass wall.  


Go forth and break a sweat, fellow Wahoos!




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