B is for Best [and Worst] Bathrooms

We all know we have a list of our favorite bathrooms to use and ones to avoid. There are so many though this list is limited to Central Grounds. No particular order either, just the top 5 best and worst bathrooms:


Newcomb – mostly  renovated AND guaranteed Stall Seat Journals for your reading guilty pleasure (upperclassmen – you know you miss ’em!)

Clemon’s 3rd floor – Luxurious new paper towel dispensers and never crowded



Nau/Gibson – As one of the newest academics buildings it hasn’t had time to be defiled

Basement floor of Cabell – Did you know there’s a shower down there?! A SHOWER!



Peabody Hall – Got to make a good impression for parents…err…I mean, prospective students



Behind the Lawn – Had the questionable pleasure of getting to use the Lawnie bathrooms and almost makes the thought of living on the Lawn not worth it



Clark Library Main Floor – The only thing not disgusting is the awesomely efficient turbo hand dryers

Under the Rotunda – Directly connected to the outdoors = always cold or sticky hot

Alderman Cafe – It always smells weird…it’s unexplainable


Mem Gym – Too many ‘mems’ of high school gym…enough said


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